Laser Hair Removal

August 2017

Among the various existing hair removal techniques, laser hair removal is becoming much more popular. However, the use of a Diode or YAG Laser is not without risks as there are some precautions and contraindications to consider.

Caution is required

  • Certain parts of the body should be treated with caution:
    • Areas where the skin is very thin: Such as the lateral side of the knees, borders of the jaws, cheeks and skin of the neck.

Contraindications to Laser hair removal

  • There are permanent and temporary contraindications:
    • Permanent contraindications: allergic and urticaria scars, hemorrhagic scars, white hairs (without melanin) and tatoos.
    • Temporary contraindications: pregnancy, food rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene as the photosensitisation of the skin is increased, anti-acne treatment and tanned skin.
  • Other contraindications :
    • No laser hair removal for children;
    • Photodermatosis - photosensitive skin disorders.
    • If you are taking photosensitising medicine.
  • Some physical characteristics can make it difficult to have laser hair removal:
    • Gray, red or fair hairs contain little melanin making it difficult to remove.
    • Black and dark matt skins: contain a lot of melanin, and the laser does not differentiate hairs from the skin.
  • Advice to reduce the risks of laser hair removal
    • A qualified doctor or practitioner must perform laser hair removal.
    • The use of diode and YAG lasers requires specialist training and safety precautions, ensure any such rules are being obeyed.
      • Do not sunbathe before or after treatment.
      • Protect your eyes - make sure protective eyewear is offered to you.
      • Ensure a comprehensive assessment of your skin is made before receiving any treatment.


Depilación láser
Depilación láser
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