Relieving tired heavy legs

September 2017

Nearly 70% of women are concerned by the problem of heavy, tired legs. Poor circulation and heredity conditions can exacerbate symptoms, however, it is possible to reduce the discomfort with some simple advice.

Place your legs in cold water

  • Cold water - by placing your legs in cool water twice a day (morning and evening), your blood circulation improves and the effect of tired, heavy legs is... relieved!
  • If you are really sensitive to the cold, a simple way to avoid the torture of a cold shower is to put your legs in humidified towels with cold water. The result is not as good as a shower but it relieves undoubtedly.


Massage your legs daily! Adding to the fact that it is enjoyable, massage promotes blood circulation. Massage your legs starting from the ankle, working your way to the top of your thigh. This helps encourage the blood to return back to the heart.

Raise your legs

Keep your legs elevated, the higher the better! Raising your legs will allow the blood to return back to heart and avoid stagnation in the legs. Avoid sitting or standing positions for prolonged periods as this can affect the blood flow back up the legs to the heart.

Herbs and fruits that help.....

Consuming herbal teas or taking capsule such as red vine, holly, blueberry, or blackcurrants are well-known for their action on blood circulation. The benefits of such products should not be ignored.

Consult a doctor

Seek medical advice if symptoms persist, worsen, cause pain or oedema.


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