Physical activity and sport: Obesity prevention

July 2017

Sport: Prevention of Obesity

In 2007 the Chief Medical Officer for England reviewed the evidence on the impact of physical activity and its relationship to health. In summary any increase in activity is likely to reduce the risk of obesity, however whether the recommended activity levels are adopted remains to be seen.

Physical activity can prevent weight gain, especially in the case of children and adolescents.

The benefits of physical activity on obese people

Physical activity in association with a diet helps control weight, increases muscle tone and decreases abdominal adiposity (fat).

For people who are overweight, physical activity results in:
  • Moderate weight loss can be achieved especially when accompanied with a low fat, healthy diet.
  • Weight can be maintained after weight loss when regular intensive exercise is carried out.
  • Regular exercise is an improvement on any unhealthy lifestyle, which would otherwise lead to obesity
  • Psychological benefits include physical and mental wellbeing

Intensity and frequency of sports activity

An increase in the duration and intensity of physical activity is necessary if the specific aim is to prevent weight gain.
  • For adults: increase the duration of a moderately intense physical activity by at least 45 to 60 min per day. However, any modification in the intensity of the physical activity, needs to be in accordance with medical advice.

Exercise has an important role in prevention of type 2 diabetes

  • If suffering with glucose intolerance the risk of developing diabetes can be reduced by 60%.
  • Being physically active is one of the main priorities of a treatment plan for a type II diabetic.


Activité physique et sport: Prévention de l'obésité
Activité physique et sport: Prévention de l'obésité
Actividad física y deporte: prevención de la obesidad
Actividad física y deporte: prevención de la obesidad
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