Badminton - Benefits and disadvantages

July 2017

Often practiced as an outdoor game, badminton is above all an intensive sport which requires technical skills and endurance.


Coordination, flexibility, endurance, visual acuteness

Badminto omproves coordination, flexibility and balance. It exercises the glutei (accelerations), abdominal and dorsal muscles (receptions and returns), reinforces the joints. Badminton develops spatial perception and visual acuteness. It also mproves endurance, fights against obesity, stress or anxiety.

In the long run

In the long run, the practice of badminton improves :
  • Endurance,
  • Reflexes,
  • Perception and coordination of movements,
  • Technicality,
  • Centre of gravity.


Badminton, although it involves the majority of the muscles and joints of the body, is not a sport to be avoided neither should it be seen as a dangerous sport. Some precautions are to be taken at the following levels:
  • The lower extremities,
  • The ankles (risks of sprains),
  • The knees,
  • Be careful of tendinitis, contusions,
  • Risk of pain to the shoulders and the deltoids.

A non-contraindication certificate

An annual medical consultation is advised, to check the heart, respiratory, ophthalmologic and articular functions. From the age of 35, more advanced cardiac tests are required for competition.

Badminton and children

Badminton is first of all a ludic sport, easy and accessible at any age. It allows the child or the adolescent:
  • To practice an intensive sport while preserving his joints thanks to the lightness and the handiness of the equipment,
  • To improve his psychomotor capacities by the originality of the trajectory of the shuttlecock,
  • To sharpen his visual concentration and functions.

In short, badminton remains a sport that can be practised by everybody, outdoor or indoor, with more or less intensity, improving greatly the player's wellbeing and physical condition.


Badminton - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Badminton - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Bádminton : beneficios y contraindicaciones
Bádminton : beneficios y contraindicaciones
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