Swimming: benefits and contraindications

July 2017


Advantages of swimming

Swimming is a complete sport in the sense that it uses all the body's muscles and helps develop endurance.
  • Swimming involves both the respiratory and the pulmonary systems.
  • Swimming relieves the body's joints from the weight of the body itself.
  • Swimming is a sporting activity which helps calms and relax oneself.

Practice swimming in 1 or 2 sessions per week

1 to 2 sessions/week for approximately 30 - 45 minutes is recommended.

Drawbacks of swimming

There are few clear drawbacks to swimming.
  • Swimming is not advisable in the presence of some pathologies which require time to be cured, such as infections, pulmonary symptoms (bronchitis, asthma attacks), Ear-Nose-Throat infections (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis and ear infections). The ban on swimming can be lifted when the infection is over.
  • Appearance of eczema and certain skin pathologies can also be reasons for a temporary ban on swimming.
  • Loss of consciousness - conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes can cause loss of consciousness and requires immediate medical attention during an acute episode. It is advisable to tell the life guard that you suffer with a problem so they can look out for you.
  • Back Pain: the crawl-stroke is recommended for lumbar pains. Back crawl stroke is preferable.

Vary the types of swimming

Vary the types of swimming strokes, breast-stroke, crawl, back crawl, in order to avoid muscular problems.

Minus points when practicing intensively

Swimming has certain disadvantages, when practiced in an excessive fashion! These can involve damage to joints (shoulder), tendinitis (knee) and infections of the ear.


  • Make sure you take a good shower and that you dry yourself thoroughly after swimming, damp skin can cause fungal infections.
  • Use special shoes such as flip flops, for example to go to and from the changing room and to the shower - this help prevent verrucas and warts...
  • Use a swimming cap to keep your hair in a perfect state.

A slender perfect body

  • Use the lengthwise movements of the crawl-stroke to enhance and tonify your silhouette! You dream of firm buttocks: well take an exercise board and begin your leg movements. Results guaranteed!
  • In addition to being a gentle endurance sport, the toning effect of the water accompanied by the body movements stimulates the circulation and fights cellulite !


Natation - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Natation - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Natación - Beneficios
Natación - Beneficios
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