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Volleyball is played by many people. As a recreational sport it is accessible to all and attracts over a million followers each year. It can be played on all types of surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of playing volleyball

  • Stimulates coordination and concentration.
  • Improves speed, skill and rapid reflexes.
  • Reinforces thigh and abdominal muscles during accelerations.
  • Absence of physical contacts and shocks.
  • Creates a group spirit with the other team-members, social activity.


It has no particular disadvantages:
  • It can be practiced at any age,
  • Great endurance is not required,
  • Absence of physical contact makes it a less dangerous sport,
  • Pay attention to your back (scoliosis in the young) and to knee problems.


Although volley ball is a nonviolent sport, there are however some pathologies related to it :
  • Microtrauma:
    • To fingers: sprains, dislocation, fractures;
    • To ankles: sprains;
  • Sprains and contusions of the knee;
  • Face and eye injuries (caused by the ball);
  • Lumbagos;
  • Cramps, pulled muscles.

Alternatives to volley-ball

From the age of 3: baby volley

  • Stimulates the cognitive and driving development of the child.
  • Handling various kinds of volleyball.
  • Working to improve balance, coordination and team spirit.

Beach volley

  • During summer times, beach volleyball is a sport much practised on beaches:
    • Sand is a natural absorber which softens any shocks,
    • Outside sport, pleasant, recreational;
    • Ecological sport;
    • Simple infrastructure and equipment: a net, a pair of shorts, a ball.
    • Spirit of friendliness and good atmosphere,
    • Be careful about sunstroke !


Volley-ball - Bienfaits et contre-indications
Volley-ball - Bienfaits et contre-indications
El voleibol
El voleibol
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