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Dull mood, loss of energy, frequent irritation, loss of appetite, all looks grey, fear of tomorrow, crying, challenged, constant sadness, sleep disorders ... if such symptoms settle and persist, you are likely to start a depression. There are different stages to depression, you may have all of the symptoms or just a few where you may come to think that life is worthless.

A common disorder

All around the world, depression makes many victims daily : it is the most common mood disorders, with anxiety.
If you are a man, you have a risk of 10 to experience a depressive episode in your life. And a risk of 5 if you are a woman.

To get out

Depression is a psychological or physiological disorder caused my a deficiency in hormonal production and other factors.

Identifying symptoms of depression, know all its aspects, choosing the most appropriate therapy: what are the best ways to get out!

Depression must not be taken lightly, it will not go away by itself, you must consult your physician without delay. Be reminded that it is a disease that can be treated successfully, most of all remember that you are not alone suffering from depression, millions of people do at this very moment.


Psychothérapie de l'anxiété
Psychothérapie de l'anxiété
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