Calculate your ovulation period

July 2017

20% of couples have difficulty conceiving a child because they don't know the good times to have fecund sexual intercourse.

Fecondity Period

The best time is just after the ovulation phase so approximately between 4 th day before ovulation and ends 24 hours later.

4 days before and 1 day after the 14th day of the cycle, are auspicious days for fertilization to a 28 days cycle: between the 10th day and the 15th day of the cycle.

If the cycle is greater than 35 days or less than 21 days, or if the menstrual cycle tends to be irregular, the results of this calculation may not be quite the same.

If you have a normal cycle

A normal cycle is 28 days long.
Ovulation occurs on the 14th day.
The ovulation date will permitt to know the fertile period. Ovulation, which lasts 24 hours, corresponds to the release of the egg from the ovary. The 14th day of the cycle on a regular cycle of 28 days, remains the most fertile period. The first day of the cycle is the first day of menstruation.

If you have a shorter cycle

If the cycle is shorter, lasting 21 days, for example: ovulation takes place on the seventh day from the first day of menstruation.
The calculation is performed by removing 14 days (duration of the luteal phase, which does not vary) from the number of days of the cycle: 21 to 14 = 7

If the cycle has a duration of 22 days: ovulation will take place on the 8th day (22 -14 = 8)

If you have a longer cycle

If the cycle is longer than 33 days ovulation occurs on the 19th day from the first day of menstruation, either 33 days - 14 days = 19 days.

If the cycle lasts 34 days: ovulation occurs on the 20th day, or 34-14 = 20


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