Tips to relieve migraine

July 2017

A few tips can help relieve a migraine attack that starts.

Going quiet

  • Lie down in a dark room away from any light source.
  • Wear tinted glasses to avoid light.
  • Avoid noise by putting plugs in your ears.
  • Trying to sleep.

Sugar, coffee and herbal teas

  • Swallow a lump of sugar.
  • Drink beverages containing caffeine because caffeine has anti migraine properties: Drinking from the beginning of the crisis, strong coffee, tea, cocoa and Coca-Cola may help alleviate crises.
  • Take a herbal tea or jasmine verbena marjoram.

Apply on the head

  • Apply to head an ice pack, ice in a washcloth or ice packs.
  • Put a cold compress on his forehead.


  • Massaging the scalp and face thoroughly.
  • Press the temple where the pain is greatest.

Massage, yoga, relaxation

  • Yoga.
  • Massages.
  • Relaxation: relaxation techniques act positively on the general state of migraine and reduce the stress caused by the crisis.
  • Learning to breathe calmly performing breathing exercises.


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