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My grandfather passed away from metastatic cancer, my grandmother died of lung cancer and two aunts succumb to pancreatic cancer and uterus cancer. Me too, I have a breast cancer stage III and I'm attending chemotherapy treatment. I noticed on most of the forums, the growing number of people suffering from metastatic cancer and I am scared of my cancer progressing to metastatic. So I would like to learn more about its origin as the doctors won't give me clear answer and simply ask me to wait. I'm afraid.

Thank you
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Metastatic cancer is not transmitted as a matter of fact; but in the long run it is the terminal stage of any cancer, but bear in mind that it can be manifested long after the identification of the cancer. So it may happen that even with a stabilizing cancer you may die of old age.

In fact, metastatic cancer, occurred when one or more breast cancer cells gradually penetrate the walls of lymphatic and gain access to the blood vessels, after which they are able to travel via the bloodstream to eventually invade organs: liver, bone, lungs.

I cannot tell you if there is a possibility of you developing metastatic cancer, it all depends on the actual phase of your cancer and the different surgery you have had in the past.

Hope this will help you.
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