Cervical cancer!

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Hello ,

My name is Shirley and I'm a mum of 2 lovable kids, the youngest is 4 months old. Some 40 days ago, I had my post-natal care with my gynecologist and had a smear test. A month later, he wants me back for a biopsy. He didn't talk much about the matter, so I'm very worried. On the smear test, it is noted, dyskaryosis condition detected. My gynecologist did not wish to comment, he just told me to wait for biopsy results and that's in ten days' time.
I am quite worried; it could be a cancer that has gone undetected during my pregnancy.Ten days, that's too long, I am overloaded with questions and from what I learnt on the Internet, there are things that are quite reassuring while others not. If someone has gone through any similar experience,

please reply to my post.
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The primary concern of your gynecologist during this test is to confirm the presence of the HPV virus?

May be some anomalies were detected in the results of the smear test and in this situation it is better to resort to a biopsy in order to check for any risk of cancer.
When did you do your last pap smear? Was it less than 2 years ago? Then the risks of having a cancer are quite small or at worst if any cancer is detected, it will most likely to be at an early stage and there exists appropriate treatments to handle this issue.

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