How to start a dukan diet

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I've have seven kilos that I need to lose and I have already tried several diets. I believe that it has been an abuse of vegetables and in so doing has ruined my intestines. I have learnt about the Dukan diet and wish to try it out.

I have bought a book about it but I am a little scared about starting it even even though Iam motivated.

Please help!
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You're right to be frustrated on starting such a diet. Below is a list of its disadvantages.

- The weight loss at the first stage is strictly rapid and really important: this step causes a deficiency in vitamins, minerals and fiber which is not proposed in the diet. Vitamins and minerals are hence advised.
- There's a great risk of tiredness while eating only proteins during the first stage and while consuming more later on.
- There's great weariness due to the loss of weight.
- Constipation for the lack of fiber.
- Risk of early rapid weight gain. Such a risk is high.
- An insufficient intake of fat.

Nevertheless, you should be highly motivated mentally since the beginning and also stick it in mind that it is a long term diet.

On the first stage, there are great risks of deficiency because of the protein intakes. There will indeed be a great risk of tiredness due to the proteins but you should take vitamins and minerals.

There might be several secondary effects like headaches, menstrual cycle disorders, heart exhaust and even kidney exhaustion.
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This is a serious situation. Weight comes back without reason

What is the solution ??
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