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Ask a question Adeola - Last answered on Dec 30, 2015 at 01:42 AM by somyasharma
Can someone please tell me how it is possible to cure yeast infection effectively please?
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i had yeast infection before, it troubled me so much, i tried some home remedies, but without any help, things i tried:
1. Yogurt
2. Coconut Oil
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
4. Garlic
5. Cranberries
6. Boric Acid

that's the drug resistance of antibiotics, you may try an alternative treatment-chinese herb medicine, it is called fu yan pill, i tried it and was cured totally from origin.

also you need to do good preventions, or you will get the infection again in the future.
don't douch too often with medical liquid, pay attention to personal hygiene are necessary.
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There's a simple way, get to a doctor for proper treatment.
Take care.
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Use sulfur..... Doctor also recommend to use sulfur when get skin disease.

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