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Can someone please tell me what is the treatment for someone having chlamydia?
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The treatment for Chlamydia is antibiotics. Either azithromycin, or doxycyline you will need a prescription from your GP for this. Take care and good luck
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Treatments for chlamydia are:


Antibiotics need to be taken by you once chlamydia is gotten by you. One dose is taken as one kind of treatment of chlamydia. Seven days is the time for other treatments of chlamydia. Oral taken azithromycin which is 1gm for chlamydia is convenient. For seven days, taken two times for a day, doxycycline taken orally which is 100mg is treatment which is alternative usually. Antiniotics are used, there may be chlamydia resistance, not like gonorrhea.

Also formulas which is herbal and appropriate can cure infection of chlamydia which is genital, this is showed by newest researchs .

2.Herbal medicine

For chlamydia, a treatment which is alternative is herbal medicine. Disturbance which is urination and materials which are toxic cause chlamydia. Relieving stranguria and materials which are toxic clearing are functions of herbal medicine which is complete after putting different herbs. More than that, ability of self-healing and immunity can be improved by it too. To get a treatment, fu yan pill can be chosen.
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Try Antibiotics. It will definitely help you.

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