Allergy with dogs

Ask a question Ryma - Last answered on Aug 29, 2017 at 04:13 PM by boe747
I have small pimples all over my back and when I have been to the doctor this morning, he asked me if I had any pet. I do have a dog and according to him, I have developed an allergy with dogs. Can you please explain me clearly what's the trouble?
Thanks in advance.
plus moins
Pimples on the back come and go, your pet may be the cause, however, there are many more other factors that can cause pimples to pop out, such as, remaining in hot spots, eating certain food, blood circulation, unhealthy lifestyle..etc. I have had them at times but once I started exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy routine thy disappeared, it's also very necessary to clean the body at least twice a day (avoid hot baths), exercise and rest as much, your skin will get fresher.

Good luck
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