Spinal trouble

Ask a question Behak - Last answered on Sep 1, 2017 at 06:19 AM by Metlda
What is the treatment when someone has spinal trouble?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Behak:

Your question is very plain. There are various causes for spinal pain and trouble. I do not know what you exactly mean to convey here? Obesity, pelvic infections, kidney stones (flank pain, low back pain), disc bulge, herniated disc, disc prolapse, disc degeneration, Multiple sclerosis, spinal infection, Tuberculosis and riding a bike for a long period, sitting posture are the prime factors for back pain. If the problem is acute, it can be controlled by painkillers. When the pain extends more than two weeks, it turns chronic. It is advised to consult an Orthopedician for clear clinical examination and further treatment procedure. If you are stressed by the spinal problem, please do not postpone your consultation.
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