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what is pterigium, how can it b cured and its precautions
thanks in advance
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Hi Vinsan909,

Pteryguim is basically the growth of conjunctiva, a thin tissue, that often starts to grow over the cornea. It can be somewhat unpleasant feeling at times, but there are eye drops that can be prescribed to you to help with that. It can cause a disturbance in vision as well. If bad enough it can even block the total sight in that eye. Usually when it gets pretty bad, your eye doctor might suggest surgery to have it removed. It is important to wear uv protection such as sunglasses and hats when outside. Be cautious when choosing sunglasses. You should choose sunglasses that block pretty much 100 % of both UVA and UVB rays. Remember that just because something says polarized or mirrored, that does not mean they actually block all UV rays. Be sure to look on the sunglasses for what they offer before you buy them.

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