Keeping free of sneezing and asthma... be aware of the Hazzards.

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Just in case you guys are not aware of the dangers of many perfumes, fragrances and essential oils etc. there are many various types out there, let it be known that the odour of ones perfume, after shave etc, can shut down ones breathing, increase the heart rate, cause burning of the skin on the face, burn the eyes and eventually cause one to collapse... be aware of the issue when next you step into a lift, a confined space, and please be aware of the sudden infant death syndrome that we are all trying to come to terms with. Take notice of the perfume released at night by the Jasmin (known as deadly night shade to many), if this affects you... you will suffer very quickly and will need to get away from the area as soon as possible, never down wind as it carries so far, close windows and keep it out. God Bless... Sholin Dean
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Sometimes these problems can be controlled by stopping to use milk products.(hard yellow cheeses are permissable), this is known as lactose intoerance. There are many products you can fin with lactose free milk. it is worth a try.
kangarooblue- Nov 19, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Not likely to be lactose intolerent... I have identified two purfumes that cause problems, one is called Red D'Or... the other is called Jasmine. (a purfume is released at night by this tree or bush), all Jasmine products are a no... no... for me. But thanks for the suggestion. I am not a big milk drinker... except for the coffee's? and the cheese? hmmmmm.?
halif21 2Posts Wednesday July 9, 2014Registration date July 9, 2014 Last seen - Jul 9, 2014 at 10:48 PM
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