Clogged ears, what to do?

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I have right ear clogged since this morning!
I told myself that I had to have the ears full of earwax so I have cleaned and since my right ear remains clogged. It's very unpleasant!
What do you recommend?

Thank you in advance for your help
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in my field of health care ear wax buidup has come up... the way we removed to much wax isa type of sray or squirt gun filled with luke warm water, not hot thats the worst and not cold either. you also need a small lite and magnifer to see down in the canal, shoot the water in not to strongly in the canel and then drain. over and over, but first make sure that brownish yellow material is covering the bottom, it's easy to verify cause it's the only thing in the canal. the warm water breaks up the wax and it comes out with the water in pieces, it took me almost an hour with the patient to get it out, it was as large as a quarter and some were nickle size, this was an exception, most people never wait that long to clean out that area. also a type of bowl to catch the water coming out.. sj
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