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I have been taking psychiatric medications for 5 years. Everyday i take, Seroquel 300 mg, lithium 900mg, lamictal 200mg.

I dont know how bad consequences of taking medication every day has affected me.

Lately i noticed that when i wake up, or something wakes me up, i have no memory, i hear someone taking but i dont recognize what they are saying and i dont know who they are, or if its my family talking. Like if a hear a dog barking, or the barking of a dog wakes me up, i dont know what that is, or if its a dog, or who's dog is it, when my dog barks i dont know what it is or that its my dog. I dont remember anything, whats my name or who am I. When i try to speak i cant because i dont remember the words or wich they are, and im trying to speak, and im speaking, i hear my self but i just dont know what im saying.

After like 10, 15 minutes being awake i start recognizing things and start having memory.

But this never happen before, i mean, this strong.
I did start a while with this but it wasn't that much like now. Im scared that this progress.
It didnt happen before, it sarted like 6 months ago, first, very mild and now its too strong.

Why is this happening?
Is it going to get worse?
Is this somenthing serious?
Is it a side effect of my medications?
Would i have to stop them?

Thank You!
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That's quite a cocktail of medication you are taking and you must continue taking it until your doctor tells you otherwise.

According to my search none of the drugs should cause a memory loss but I suggest you see with your pharmacist to see if mixture of the three may affect memory. It is also important to know if it affects your short term or long term memory.

Take good care of yourself and I wish you courage and the very best to come.

Best regards

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