Loss of blood supply

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A pequiliar problem.I am diabetic but under control with physical activities and medicines.but
the following problems are there prone to diabetics
1)The moment on lying on bed feet become cold Have to wear socks even in day when lying
(Using pregablin and mecab)
2)Another one is the full errection disappears the moment lying down or bending head down
Suspecting cervical spondilitis i am doing neck,shoulder exercises.Inspite the errection shinks down.Cildinafil citrate or thadalaphil do not work satisfactorly.My main question is not the ability to perform.It is done other wise.But the doubt is ,the blood vessel that is supplying blood to the heart is also the same for the pennis also Will the above said medicines will improve the heart condition?Experts please clarify so many people's worry.Is there a common medicine for both?
plus moins
Sound to me that you need to consult a vascular surgeon who will conduct pressure tests on your arteries, followed by a scan to see if any are getting clogged.

Good luck
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