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Hi there,

I have back problems (L4/5) and it is very painful. I would like to order a Spinup from It is new in Australia and a friend of mine told me about it. Does anybody know more about this device?
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Hi Ambucias,
thanks, did you tried this product ? I know that any product can't work for all back problems, I just mentioned the lower back problem L4/L5.
I spent time on the website and i expect to buy one of their products. they don't say that it cures, but helps to manage/relieve back pain which is what I need right now. Cheers
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It will not work for all back problems and it is not a cure.
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No I have not tried it but but very rare are the apparatus that will relieve back pain. Such a thing would have been recommended by orthopedists across the world. You have never mentionned the type of problem with your back, just the location. I wonder if you are serious or not just spamming for Spinup.

Most of the time antinflammatories will provide better and more long lasting relief without any risks of injuries. Here not a single psysiotherapist or physician of any kind recommends spinup.

You wish to try it, go ahead and perhaps waste your money. I have a back problem also, L4 and L5, and I would not touch Spinup even with a 10 foot pole. Spinup has never published scientific studies performed from accredited institution. I don't recommended it unless prescibed by a qualified physician or you are taking risks.
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Hi Ambucias,

I have answered back to you yesterday evening but it doesn't appear... (?)
I have back problems since about 10 years. It is a chronic pain but like many people I have learnt to deal with it and try to live a normal life. However, I have a physical job and a month ago, I put a tractor wheel at the back of my ute. It was too heavy and felt the pain instantly. Acute pain, impossibility to move and especially to sit down and stand up for a "long" time.
I have spent a day in hospital and had X rays : 2 disks pop out L4/L5.
I have taken medicine (anti-inflammatories) as the pain was too strong but I personally don't consider it a long term solution to treat back pain. I am more for a natural/mechanical approach to solve the problem with gentle exercises in a right position, relaxation... I have a back belt which is good usually but I would like to be able to manage my pain on a long term basis. I have tried inversion tables but don't like the sensation of it and I find it hard to put a foot on the ground after.

I understand we share our back pain localization but maybe not the same problem and we don't really have the same approach to deal with the problem. I consider, the use of medication on a long term basis is not a solution and particularly anti-inflammatories can be dangerous for your health (stomach problems...). This is my opinion and I respect yours. My back is still sore. To be honest, I think my back problem will never be cured but I want to be able to manage my pain on the long term. I don't believe in miracle products but I think some natural exercises can relieve.

So, my question on this forum is regarding the device called Spinup as I have heard about it. I would like to know if someone has tried it or a similar device and what do they think about it from experience.

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Hello Rab,

Thank you for your back history. We don't share the same as I had to get operated and got lamydectomy which did wonders. I also suffered from ankylosing spondilitus. Your condition looks more like a spinal hernia which I think may be much more difficult to cure.

Most chiroprators use traction for hernias but how good they are I don't know.

Spinup is a French invention and it is not in Canada. I understand that your daily backpain is not only painful but frustrating for someone who likes to be active.

Anti-inflammatories such as Celebrex and others in a supposotory forms don't cause stomack problems.

I suggest that you check if that Spinup will relief the pressure from the hernia. Ask your physician to have a look at it.

Have you had an RMI?

I wish you the very best.
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Thanks Ambucias,
Yes, I had RMI and I am going to the physio/ chiropractor/ ostheopath but to be honest it is very expensive and relieves for the day only.
Hence my interest in Spinup or any gently elongating device to ease my disks, to do it on my own, when I want without having to drive to the ostheopath as the way back home just kills the benefits from their action.

I should take a decision soon and we will see how it goes.
Thanks anyway.
Ambucias 41805Posts mardi 2 février 2010Registration date ModeratorStatus May 26, 2017 Last seen - Aug 21, 2014 at 04:36 PM
Hello again,

Back pain, I know, is very difficult to deal with.

Please keep me abreast.

Best regards

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