Leg muscle ache

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Dear guys,

Does anyone ever experience the calf muscles and shin muscles ache especially at night? I tried foot reflexology and it didn't help.
Any suggestions appreciated!
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Often, this kind of pain are side effects from medication.

If you are on medication, I suggest you read about the side effects.

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Dear Ambucias for your kind response. I am not on any form of medication. I discovered this quite a number of years back when I had my body massage done especially on my legs. Every time the muscles were pressed I felt the pain. I though initially that the cause was due to excessive muscle workout during my exercises in the gym. The pain is felt around the calf down to the ankle, and the muscles near the shin area.
The pain usually comes in the night and disturbs my sleep. I have tried using plasters before I go to bed, but sometimes they soothe but not all the time.
Will compression socks and stockings help?

Thanks again and look forward to some answers from people who have experienced the same problems.

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Dear Stickseal,

I has such pain from taking cholesterol medication.

It is indeed very annoying, especially trying to relax before going to sleep, as you mentioned, mostly at night.

I got some relief by stretching the aching muscles.

In you case I would look for a lack in your diet such as calcium. See what a blood test will give you for results. Many people with such muscle pain have a dietary deficiency which supplements may bring relief.

I understand what you are going through believe me.

Good luck
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