Dolor rodilla intenso nocturno [Closed]

Ask a question Nymeria - Last answered on Aug 10, 2015 at 12:56 AM by thikana
Hola , llevo desde hace un mes con dolores nocturnos en la rodillla que me despertaban , al caminar se me calmaba pero en las dos ultimas semanas el dolor ha ido empeorando , se me irradia hacia la cadera , lo tengo también durante el día y acudí ayer a urgencias.
Radiografía sin fractura y exploración normal . Paracetamol de 1 g que no me ha calmado nada , he probado con ibuprofeno de 600 y tampoco , nolotil y nada .
El dolor es muy intenso , hoy me cuesta caminar .
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Pain killers will not work. A common cause is pulled muscles (some where) starting from your back down to the toes, sciatic nerve passes through the area. try to find the muscle which has been pulled - pass your hand over the length of your thigh and try to locate a "knot". HINT - all area of the thigh you will note is smooth except at the point where the muscle is pulled. Once you locate "that Knot" start massaging it with first 3 fingers (index, middle & bring) in a circle you will see the difference.
Sorry explaining in writing is difficult. If can contact me through Skype, i may succeed in explaining the procedure to you
Take care

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