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I'm a 16 year old, Transgender boy, and im starting to concern my weight, im 5'5" and i'm almost 170, and i dont know how to fix my weight, my parent dont let me do anything, i cant even walk around the neighbor hood, and i really wanna get down to at least 150.

Even with that, i lack the motivation to do it, or really anything at that, my self steam is pretty low too. My own dad even calls me and my siblings worthless lazy "fricks" even though he doesnt let us do anything active, so he doesnt help how i feel.

Thank you for your time,
plus moins
Hello Christopher,

There are no magic tricks to loose weight. You must cut down on fats drastically, especially trans fat and get your butt going doing daily exercise, walk, run, swim and sports. Opra Winfrey did it, why can't you?

Don't listen to your dad's insults, he probably is just sad to see you in that state. You are the leader of your own destiny. Get off the computer and out you go walking and walking.

Good luck
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