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My name is Edith and I am a new member in this forum. I will highly appreciate to share more with you. During my pregnancy, I developed oligohydramnios. This is a condition where the amniotic fluid is below the normal level. The amniotic fluid tends to low; a condition which requires medical attention. After thirty weeks of my pregnancy, I was done an ultrasound and that is when my condition was realized. After a period of thorough checks, my doctor found that the level was still going down. I was instructed to take much water to increase the fluid level. The condition deteriorated and was put on bed was very surprising and sickening as it is always hard to replenish the lost amniotic fluid. At this time, the joy of pregnancy was lost in me. I had organized for a baby shower which I cancelled later. I was forced to embrace my condition. The baby was not moving in the womb. I sustained the anguish of lost hope and later lost the courage to live again. From that henceforth I have never mustered enough courage to conceive. The moment when giving birth arrived, normal birth was not possible but the medics preferred the caesarian section. It was a very painful experience.
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Your confession is very insightful and it has made me learn a lot. Such information is usually kept silent but through your contribution, it will give many a new lease of life.
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Thank you very much for your contribution. You have given me hope.
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Your information will help many people and your confession is so heart touching and thank you for sharing this :)
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