What role do men play in fertility discussions? [Solved]

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i need help
i have had this issue nagging me for sometime. while others advocate for the exclusion of men in women affairs, men should be part of it. for instance, the question i get in many forums is whether women can exclusively control their fertility.
what i mean here is from my point of view, men seem to isolate women as key determinants. it is for a fact that you find women taking the blame for issues to do with fertility in the house.

my question- should men also look at the cycle of ovulation when trying for pregnancy? must this follow the woman's body pattern or the man also has something to do with it?
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this me thinking,
it would better if he just knows that you are trying for a child but dont confuse him by telling him the time when you are rely ready. the pressure might lead to him not performing at his peak, if you get what i mean..... make it fun and not work for him for better results my dear
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It does not rest only with the woman. You and your partner both have important roles to play. You will, after all, contribute half of your child's chromosomes. There are things you can do to increase both your chances of conception and your odds of having a healthy baby.
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