Smoking led to miscarriage

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My name is Christine and I will be glad to share in this forum. As a pregnant woman, I never adhered to the instructions of my husband to quit smoking. I conceived successfully and I became merry. I made fun of my husband and seemed not to care at all. During my first trimester, I started feeling dizziness and the sudden movement of the foetus in the womb was very worrying. I translated that to the effect of standing for long hours. My husband who is a medical doctor always threw jibes but I never heard. I remember one day he divorced me while still pregnant but I never listened to his submissions even after getting back to marriage. When things went haywire, the pain in the womb made me so frail and fainted on the early morning. My hubby noticed it was a miscarriage but could not break my heart. He instead induced me with an injection which made my whole body numb. In the process, I underwent a painless miscarriage. Coming back to my senses, I met my husband shedding tears of pain for my negligence. He had warned me before but I never listened till the worst happened. With a light heart, I swore never to smoke again and submitted it so lovingly to my lovely wife and from that time on, I have never resumed smoking. We got fraternal twins later on in my life and I took a bold step that made our relationship with my husband stronger than before.
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Christine, I have learned about your condition. I almost happened to undergo the same problem but ultimately I found the treatment. My curiosity about the treatment that I was given also gave me the zeal of doing more research. When smoking causes tar to accumulate at the uterine walls, it deprives it the vital nutrients by the growing foetus. This leads to untimely miscarriage. Otherwise thank you so much for sharing your insight on this forum.
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