Smoking almost made me impotent

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My name is Edward and I am happy to join this forum and share my side of the story. In the early stages of a human being, smoking is perceived to be bad and good. The cons outweigh the pros. It can only take a strong heart to quit smoking. Being a habit that is addictive, the effects are detrimental. Ever since the invention of tobacco as a substance, people have misused it and it no longer seems a big deal to smoke excessively. All this never clicked at the back of my mind. I was addicted to an extent of skiving my college classes to go and smoke. Just in case, I lacked a cigar, I used to run for a kilometer to look for something to stimulate me. I could attend a class without smoking. I too never did exams or assignments. When my dad noticed I was doing it in excess, he hired a counsellor and a psychiatrist to toe me in the right direction. It never worked. At the early stages of my marriage, I tried to conceive and produce sperms but to no avail. I almost became impotent. My wife warned me and threatened to divorce me. From that time, I stopped smoking for rest of my life.
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Stay healthy. Good for your family
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