Smoking cigarette and the digestive system

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My name is Harun and I am glad to become a member of this forum to share insights about my health problems. “Harun always abstains from smoking cigarettes,” mum said. It was an evening full of sorrow for the very first time. I never expected such from mummy. To her submission, I quickly with a baritone voice responded that I would adhere and follow all her instructions. As ignorant as I looked, I never did it but continued to smoke-this time excessively. It only came to a time when signs of worry started showing up. My throat started itching and my larynx couldn’t release air normally. I had a lot of strain to breathe and swallow any substance. I was an occasional visitor to my doctor who was so much worried. More excess cigarette smoke could have led to the development of pancreatic cancer. The pancreas would be inhibited and prevented from releasing pancreatic juice necessary for food digestion. That was where my deteriorating health was destined. The worst-case scenario would have been the development of mouth cancer and the signs were beginning to show up. It never took the intervention of anyone to quit smoking. I instantly stopped and took an oath of promise never to get back there again.
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Your confession is so amazing. It has invigorated me to an extent I have learnt a new insight on how I can help others to stop smoking especially those who try to stop but they can't due to addiction. I am all smiles and very motivated. Through my research, I have also learnt that smoking is so addictive that someone may experience lack of appetite especially when in so much need of a cigar.
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