Cardiovascular system infection

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My name is Michael and I am a new member in this forum. I would be very glad to get insights about my smoking problem. I was warned and asked to stop smoking cigar and bang and never obliged. The submissions from my mum all the time fell on deaf ears. I could not listen at all. The pride and arrogance that was too much in me couldn’t match well with my guilt. I knew I was doing something dubious and a detriment to my health. With time, I started experiencing cardiovascular issues to an extent of spending much money on hospital bills. My mummy was always on my neck and I never seemed to listen to her pleas. My heart was at risk and my blood vessels started experiencing clots of blood that made my heart pump forcefully. As my blood vessels narrowed, I suffered from blood pressure and that is the time I learnt a good lesson and quit smoking. Visiting the medic, I was quickly diagnosed with lung cancer. I was surprised beyond doubt. I couldn’t utter a word but dismay was painted on my face. Mummy struggled to help me but in the end, she managed and after thorough checkups, the clogged arteries and vessels opened up. I now live happily after a long suffering of lung disease.
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Hi, Kamtoy. A Very enlightening message there. I have done research and also learnt that tobacco smoke can have a significant effect on lipid metabolism. This leads to the promotion of atherosclerosis. The condition exacerbates the condition.
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