Smoking almost destroyed my central nervous system

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My name is joseph and I am a new member in this forum. Smoking tobacco was a normal thing to me. it always made me feel the air. I couldn’t manage to stay put without nicotine. To the surprise of my parents, I had to take four cigars every morning. I never took tea rather. Optimistic, mummy always hoped I would one day stop smoking and get back to my normal life as before. I felt energized and full of life. Tiredness was never in me as I had to take a puff of three cigars any time I felt a craving for tobacco smoke. When mummy noticed all was going to be worse, he took me to a rehabilitation center. I could not have survived two cigars per day and decided to jump over the fence and ran home. I started to develop withdrawal symptoms which impaired my cognitive functionalities. In any situation, I was always anxious, irritated and depressed as hallucinations gnawed my brain. After a couple of months through guidance and counselling from daddy and mummy, I ceased to be an addict. This time I was taking one cigar per day just to whet my craving. With time, I stopped smoking completely and my central nervous system returned to normal.
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Wow. I am so thrilled by your confession. It has not only given me hope but also has shed light at the end of the tunnel. I am also a chain smoker and I have been trying to stop but to no avail. Through my research, I have learnt that smoking can affect the cognitive abilities of the brain. It also has effects on the neurotransmitters which enable memory, learning and cognition.
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