Should my friend get IVF?

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My best friend since childhood has tried for a child for so long but unfortunately she cannot conceive. At some point she was dealing with a bad case of depression. She is constantly scared that her husband might leave her for another woman. I've been trying to help her so I looked up artificial methods and I have learnt a lot about surrogacy and IVF.

I have further looked up clinics that offer these treatments. The best rated clinic that I have found is BioTexCom in Kiev. The ratings are extremely good and the prices are good too. My friend has always wanted to have a girl and luckily this clinic offers gender selection for IVF.

Do you think that I should advice her to try? Has anyone been through IVF? What was your experience? Is it safe?
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Hi lovemu,

You are a good friend. You have every right to be worried about your friend's health and safety after IVF. Personally, I got IVF treatment two years after discovering that I could not bare children. My husband was totally supportive.

First, you need to advice your friend to discuss the IVF with her husband if they are not on the same page about it. With proper nutrition, treatment and good supplements, IVF is a very good option for someone who has a womb but cannot conceive. If done properly, it is totally safe.

I did not get mine at that clinic or in that country but I've been hearing a lot of positive things about it. Might consider it for my second child.

All the best.

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Hello dear. The question "should I?" was on the front burner for me, but I've made my desicion - should! So should your friend. It's safe procedure and there shouldn't be any doubts if the clinic is reliable. Also seen many positive opinions on the clinic you mentioned. And btw it's sp sweet that you try to help your friend! You should go to Kiev and see everything on you own eyes. Good luck!
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