Testicular and prostate problem

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My husband has been suffering from the testicular and prostate problem. She could not produce sperms that could have fertilised an egg. It was high and a low of life. The trying times made her lose the urge for sex and it really demoralized him. Any time we tried to engage in intercourse, he would cry of pain. I was left wondering whether to divorce him but my inner conscience tells me not to try to do that. Life became too hard for us and we suffered for a long bit of time. I could not sire a kid due to his condition. Our days were characterized by traversing and moving from hospital to hospital in search of treatment but none seemed to work. He was even given the testosterone hormone to boost the production of semen but it could not work. Tears of despondency are filled in our eyes not knowing what to do. Should we forget and do away with child birth? Should I go for sperm donation? I am torn in pieces as my husband is suffering. She is experiencing sharp pains. The only solution now is he going for vasectomy which would render him infertile for life. What step are we to take now?
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hey , whatever decision you make, make sure you do it with him. done go about it alone and impose decisions you make on your own , it wont end well
victoriaborkowska 13Posts Monday July 10, 2017Registration date July 26, 2017 Last seen - Jul 26, 2017 at 06:15 AM
i totally agree, when we make decisions on our own we tend to make matters worse between our spouses. we should learn to talk more and find out solutions together
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