Is it fair for women to carry the burden alone

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in my short stay at the best infertility clinic in Ukraine, i was surprised that even though most women were accompanied by their husbands, the men left leaving their wives to go through the IVF alone.
while that may be procedural, its not making any sense at all. men should also be around to carry the emotional burden that come with IVF. in most of the religious talk the discourage the use of ivf, the moral aspects are on the rise.
while the men leave, they may not feel the burden of the whole thing. that is not to say that the men are as excited as their wives with the news of the onset of the baby. i think infertility clinics with facilities should create more room for the couples to stay for as long as the cycle goes.
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It's really depressing to hear that men could do that to their wives. I mean how could they? What's the point of travelling abroad for IVF if you can't stay with your wife through the IVF? Men should understand that their support through the IVF journey is really important and should not be overlooked just because you've got the doctors and the staff to take care of the medical procedures.
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