Infertility struggle

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Hello everyone, i am meera and I have been on this forum for a while now, but wasn't around for last few weeks as I had not been feeling well. I am myself struggling with infertility and have been to a fertility specialist and discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked and that has been the reason for my infertility. I and my husband have been thinking to opt for IVF and have been researching our options since quite a while now and do think that it might the right thing to do. But our visits to a few fertility clinics around us have not yielded anything to our expectation and we have not found what we would expect after going through all the IVF success stories on forums and blogs. I need help in deciding how should we choose the clinic and what did you all see before you made the decision to get your IVF done. I am quite scared now and have been battling depression for quite long and all of this has only added to my stress and anxiety. I am thankful to my husband though that he has been very supportive all the while. Please share your experiences about the clinic where you had your fertility treatments done and what should I be looking for before choosing one for myself.
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Hello meera, I am sorry for your troubles with conceiving and it is really sad to hear about anyone's infertility. I have faced this issue myself and have successfully fought infertility. I had opted for IVF and it was a good stress free experience as I was fortunate to find the right clinic for my IVF cycle. I suggest you stay calm for now and have a positive outlook towards everything that comes your way here on, as it is a very important thing to keep a stress free and calm mind when you go through an IVF cycle. Do not feel scared or depressed, things will work out fine, just give it some time and with the right consultation, you will know what treatment you should be looking for and also the right doctors and programs will ensure you have a successful IVF cycle and put an end to this depression phase. I wish you all the best and stay hopeful, and focused, things are going to be all right from here on.
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It is the dream of every woman to become a successful and proud mother. If you are thinking to give up then you need to change your mind. You are living in the advance medical research generation where everything is possible. To defeat the infertility you can visit to Lotus Clinic which is the most reliable and reputed clinic in Ukraine. I had also seen the bad phase in my life and I was unable to infertile too. But one of my friends told me to choose Lotus Clinic where I raise my hope and finally become the mother of baby boy. Now you can change your dream into reality. You just need to keep the mind positive and take care about health properly. There are many reasons of blocking of Fallopian tubes, due to irregular periods or imbalance of the hormones too. All I can say need to concentrate on your health and take the proper nutrients foods. This time you can go with the IVF or surrogacy treatment which can help in conceiving the baby.
I know it may be expensive for you but Lotus Clinic is recommended for the affordable IVF treatment. Now you do not need to lose the hope and get the best IVF treatment which enhances the chance to become pregnant. You can consult about the diet and supplements which can help in regulating the periods, boost the immunity system and balance the hormones of the body. You can eat the multivitamins and iron rich foods daily. You can add the green leafy vegetables and one egg daily in your diet. Moreover to refresh the mind and soul you can go for the morning daily. I wish you all the best.
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Hi meera, I am sorry for what your struggles and I would like to suggest you to first get over the stress and depression, before you take on the infertility battle. If you are going for an IVF cycle, then stress and depression can spoil your chances as they are one of the reasons for infertility in many cases. So, I feel your first concern should be to get yourself out of depression and stress and as you said you have your husband's support, that can be a blessing to cope with the stress. Support each other and show your care and affection as even he needs your support to stay positive. Do not let stress, and nervousness get the better of you, nothing should come in your way of realizing your dream of conceiving a healthy and a lovely child. IVF has blessed many women with wonderful children and more and more women continue to opt for IVF to battle their infertility issues. To find the right clinic, you can inquire about their procedure of taking you into their program, and look how professional they are and then make a well informed choice.
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Hello and welcome friend. I can understand your problem in easy and effective way. I also face same problem like you in my life. It is time to handle this painful situation with appropriate planning and positive attitude in your life that is the right way to get positive energy in your life. There are many reason of infertility. You should understand the main root cause of infertility and solve out in professional way. I am one of the lucky women to got supportive husband. We consult with many gynecologist in Ukraine to get the best-in-class treatment of infertility problem. You can start your planning with proper understanding your hand husband needs and emotion very well to manage proper balance in your marriage life. I am feeling happy to help you on basis of my personal life experience that guide you the right path to achieve your target like me. It is very important to understand each and every signal of your body to overcome this horrible problem in early stage.
It is good news that you are aware about IVF test tube baby treatment that is most popular and reliable treatment all over the world to defeat infertility in medical way. You get this IVF test tube baby treatment little expensive but you get maximum profit with healthy baby gift in long term. You should choose experience medical staff that can easily understand your problem and enhance your success rate with advanced medical research based treatment. You should balance between your body and mind with powerful yoga and meditation to get full relaxation. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to provide this opportunity in my life to enjoy perfection in motherhood. I hope my valuable suggestion help you to overcome this horrible problem in your life. I am waiting your reply to hear good news soon.
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