I am confused do suggest me what to do

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I am suffering from irregular periods, I want to ask from experienced couples here that we are planning to have a baby in april. Is it effects the whole process of pregnancy. I am confused do suggest me what to do, I am taking medicines regularly.
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Isabeloliver 3 Posts Sunday January 14, 2018Registration date January 14, 2018 Last seen - Jan 14, 2018 at 01:55 PM
Hello dear,
That's a really tough situation you're in. Both physically (the irregular menstrual cycles) and mentally (being not able to conceive). I hope your partner is supportive. It worsens the plight you're in otherwise. I suggest instead of asking couples you reach out to professionals who deal with your kind of difficulty. Why waste time hearing stories when you can directly be helped by doctors/clinicians? By all means, the choice is yours. Only I intend for you having the pre-planned baby in due time. On the other hand, the surrogacy market is seeing the light of the day. You should definitely consider this as an option. In case, your life is at stake on conceiving. Wish for you healthy happy living!
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anna_khor 15 Posts Tuesday January 16, 2018Registration date January 16, 2018 Last seen - Updated by anna_khor on 16/01/18 at 01:21 PM
Hello there. Hope you are well now. The situation you wrote is actually a sturdy circumstance. In cooperation with both physical and mental health, do you conceive? Physical means having regular menstrual cycles whereas mental health means you are ready to bear the pain of conceiving. As you wrote; this is not your case and it makes it a hard situation. Not having a regular cycles means there are some complications in your body. You must get yourself checked up from a specialist. I anticipate your spouse is compassionate enough to help and understand you in much difficult times. It exacerbates the dilemma you are in; if he is not compassionate enough. Do not waste more time. Go and get the advice of specialists. They will test you and provide a cure all this issue. Usually; acupuncture is known to be good for irregular cycle issues. You can try that as well. Do not waste any more of your precious time. In the end; you are the one who is being effected so all the choice is yours. An IVF treatment and Surrogacy are all options you can look; in the mean time. Both have high success rates and guaranteed results. As far as researches have shown and people shared their experience; having irregular cycle’s mane’s you are exposing yourself to danger. I pry to Lord that He gave you strength to have this blessing. Amen. Anna.
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