I had a miscarriage

jialake 6 Posts Tuesday January 9, 2018Registration date January 12, 2018 Last seen - Jan 12, 2018 at 12:57 AM
Hi there, I had a miscarriage while I was in London with my husband doing PHD. I don't know whether that was a product of stress or what. I am so much worried that's what I know. I was so devastated that time. It really effects my career too. It effects my life too. My husband blames me. He said that I stayed too busy in my study that I never took good care of me. He loves me though. We cleared things out then. After that we tried nothing happened for us till now. What is this problem?? anyone know about this?? Is there still a chance of natural birth Or should we try surrogacy of any other thing?? Help please.
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