I wish I'd known how often I'd fail

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"I can sum up IVF in three (overused) words: blood, sweat, and tears. You truly don't know how resilient, how strong, and how determined you are until you experience IVF and come out on the other side. But it is something you absolutely must take step by step. It's so easy to get ahead of yourself and set timelines and goals that you will almost undoubtedly fail to reach. With every procedure, every cycle, every phone call with pregnancy results, you must take a deep breath and just concentrate on the next step."
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jenn945 17 Posts Friday February 2, 2018Registration date February 22, 2018 Last seen - Feb 18, 2018 at 11:57 AM
dear shiwangi, hope you are doing good.Well, i have been through all.It is a really hard road to follow.Choosing Ivf was the biggest regret of my life.The path itself was not that bad.It gave much success but not for me.I have seen people having kids with this.Sadly my consultation was wrong.My eggs were not of good quality.Now i have to move to surrogacy.It takes time to cope up with all of this.But the tears and sweat everything is worth it I feel.Afterall a child is a great blessing.
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pheobe412 41 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date February 22, 2018 Last seen - Feb 19, 2018 at 09:11 AM
Yes you are saying right. The tension that occurs in a mind. The thing which you feel right when the phone rings. All of these emotions. I am very much aware of them. What they felt like. The sadness and the excitement. You know what. IT's all just destined I must say. We can't do anything about it. One day we think that it's going to be our way. The next day, It's gone. It's so much problematic for life. Well you showed the courage this far. Hope you show the same courage further. It's all about being motivated in a life. Doing whatever but with a great devotion. I hope you understand this. Keep it up dear. Be strong.
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bennythegiant 16 Posts Saturday February 3, 2018Registration date February 22, 2018 Last seen - Feb 20, 2018 at 05:35 AM
It is very nice of you to share such information with us. I think that you got your IVF done from not a very nice place. I have been through IVF and it is the easiest thing for me. It wasn't painful at all for me. Maybe it really does depend on the techniques that the doctors use. Other than that, your post is very motivating. It has a message of staying hopeful through hard times. I hope that everyone gets to find their happiness.
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SashaMarcus 11 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date February 22, 2018 Last seen - Feb 20, 2018 at 07:55 AM
Well, I just read your post...Thanks for sharing it! I really needed it. I'm still convinced and motivated by an IVF. I'm ready for all the pain. Because I really want to have a child of my own. It's really worth! I've even decided to travel abroad for it. As I can't have it here in the USA. Well, Let's hope for the best! I know how hard it is. But, it's eventually worth what you receive in the end. So, wish me luck! I really want it to be successful as well. It's really needed for us to complete our family. I've nearly waited 5 years for it. I can't wait or waste more years to have a child of my own. Stay blessed dear! xx
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