What are the complications in bladeless LASIK ?

REBECABTOKIN 1 Posts Tuesday February 6, 2018Registration date February 6, 2018 Last seen - Feb 6, 2018 at 10:53 PM
Hi, my eye prescription is -1.5 for my left eye and -1.25 for my right eye. My vision is 20/70 without glasses and 20/15 with it. I know that this is not a big issue. But I am not comfortable with glasses. Is there any problem to carry out LASIK surgery for this mild nearsightedness? When I discussed this with my friend she suggested a custom bladeless LASIK from a clinic in Sarnia ( http://www.patodiaeyeinstitute.com/vision-correction/intralase-lasik-custom-bladeless-lasik/ ). I thought of carrying out this LASIK treatment because, I think it will be painless. Are there any complications involved in this bladeless LASIK treatment? How long will the effect of this LASIK treatment last? Is there any alternative other than LASIK and glasses? Please provide with your suggestions. Thanking you in advance!!
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