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Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing great. I am here to seek help about what should I be really doing. I got married 4 years back and have been TTC since then. However, after one year of trying my husband and I decided to go to the doctor. Who did our tests and broke the infertility news to me. He did give a detailed reason. According to him, I couldn't conceive because of a poor ovarian reserve. Anyways, my husband was totally fine with it and we basically didn't research on anything and waisted 2 more years. Now I recently told my friend who was surprised at my stupidity. She told me I should quickly research on IVF and surrogacy and find a suitable clinic. I did my research my husband said we should go for surrogacy. After which I have been researching clinics. I did find one and honestly, I am pretty sure that is my first preference. The reason is that they do everything very carefully and cautiously. Also, because a lot of foreign people are visiting that clinic so I am not alone which would be a relief. However, my question is that a person like me who has a high FSH and low Amh can they go for IVF as well?
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I think your husband may love you the most. He don't want to see you in a pain. This is the nicest thing to do to someone. I wish you guys remain happy always. Well if you decided surrogacy. I think you should go for it. I am currently under process. My treatment is under process. I am taking my treatment from Ukraine. I have such a great team with me here. i was completely infertile. Than I came here and these people helped me so much. I wish they remain blessed forever. If you want you can come here. In here the surrogacy is offered in packages. You can choose the package which is best suitable to you. I wish your husband may like this deal. As he already loved you much. Well if you come there. Than we'll see each other. I wish everything will remain fine for me here as well. Please also pray for me.
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