Can you skip a period (or have a late period) while on the pill? [Solved]

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I have not yet had my period this month and I'm fearing that I'm pregnant. Yet I do take control pills. Do you believe that these pills is the reason behind this delay?
Thank you.
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If you are taking the pills correctly by following the instructions, there no need to worry about a pregnancy.
Take care.
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Hunter- Sep 22, 2011 at 05:43 PM
Thanks a lot for your answer.
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Hello every one

Contraceptive pills are not only used for controling birth control but also for regulate the monthly periods in women and girls

if you not taking pill regularly so you need to do HPT test at your home
only collect morning urine.
follows it:-

Home Pregnancy tests are do-it-yourself tests which can be conveniently done at home. They are easily available over the counter and cost approximately between 45-50 rupees. A woman is supposed to collect just about 5 ml of her urine in a clean container and perform the test using put one to two drops of the urine into a special container provided in the kit. Then the woman needs to wait a few minutes. Different brands instruct the woman to wait different amounts of time. Once the time has passed, the user should inspect the "result window." If a line or plus symbol appears, you are pregnant. It does not matter how faint the line is. A line, whether bold or faint, means the result is positive.

Thanks and take care

R.K.Tech support
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