Chalazion:How to get rid of it?

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For 5 months, my14 year old daughter has a chalazion in the lower eyelid. The optician suggested that it should be removed. But my daughter is scared so, she refused. How can you get rid of them? Thanks for you reply.
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Unfortunately, if it is persisting then surgery is the only way to remove it. Warm compresses and steaming sometimes help it resolve. But normally it is a simple minor operation at the local eye department. Local anaesthetic is used and there is no scaring.
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Hello, I'm a mum and finally found something that works, (Blackmores C.F 43). From memory the tablets were less than $15 Australian for 84 tablets.
My little girl suffered Chalazions every couple of months, which lasted for a couple of painful months. I tried everything I could read.
She would be too young and traumatised to have it removed surgically.
A Natrapath said she thought it was a Selenium definciency.
The Natrapath suggested I give my daughter
Blackmores C.F. 43 tablets. (The bottle says 'for practioner dispensing only) but I could purchase a bottle at my local chemist after seeing a Natrapath.
Two chalky white tablets each day, (she sucks on them) the chalazions starting shrinking, noticeably within a couple of days.
I don't remember how long it took to disappear completely, perhaps 1 or 2 weeks?.
It's been around 12 months now, and two seperate occasions they started to return, as soon as I noticed her eye start to produce one, I started back on giving her two tablets a day for a week straight.
Now I give my little girl a couple of tablets each week, she hasn't had them back for about a year now!
I'm sure other brands of a similar consistency would work too, but this was what I tried and it actually worked.
I hope this information helps someone else out there, just wanted to share what worked for my little girl as it's such an obvious and painful/long medical issue.
Kind regards.
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PS I did see a doctor who advised warm compresses for my little one etc , nothing worked.
Then I saw an eye specialist who said the same thing.
The eye specialist said it could be removed but would have a high percentage rate of coming back.
Regansbc 3Posts Saturday June 17, 2017Registration date June 17, 2017 Last seen - Jun 17, 2017 at 11:58 PM
  • silica definciency
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