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  • How long

    Hello, How long do I need to wait before having a baby please? I am 16 years old but really want to have baby. Someone please answer me....

  • How many babies?

    Hello, How many babies may a woman have is she continues reproducing until she gets on the menopause please? Thank you.

  • who is the father

    Hi . I had my period on 26 May and it end on 31 of May. After my period had i sex with my partner 1 June till 8 june . After that day we broke up...

  • Piercings,

    Hello, Is it possible to have a baby's ears pierced at 20 months? Thanks for any reply.

  • Baby having breathing problem

    Hello, Can a baby have asthma please? Thanks in advance.

  • 3 years old not talking yet?

    Hello, My baby refuse to go on the potty, he had difficulty to talk, is that normal? I don't want to force him to go on the potty; I don't want...

  • Hearing

    Hello, Does a fetus hear anything from the womb please? Thank you.

  • 9 month old baby

    Hello, I have a 9 month old baby and the problem is that my husband is never at home because of his working hours. Will the absence of his...

  • Scratching his butt

    Hello, My baby is always scratching his butt from time to time, is this something normal or is he having any kind of allergy or whatever...

  • combination

    Hello, my baby girl is 5 years old but she is no to much wihite i want to make she s clouer fairer plz tell me how.........

  • What are the signs and symptoms of baby teething? [Solved]

    Hallo, I have a one year old son who normaly expiriences sweliings on his lower jaw, that is both sides, the swellings looks whitish and when...

  • Diarrhea constantly

    Hello, I have my baby who is having diarrhea constantly, what is the reason for this please? Thank you.

  • Immune system of babies

    Hello, Are babies' immune system as strong as an adult's immune system please? Thanks in advance.

  • Chubby babies

    Hello, What is the reason that all babies are so chubby please? Thanks in advance.

  • 2 teeth at 4 months

    Hello, My son is already having 2 teeth at 4 and a half month, is this normal? He cries a lot and seems to be much in pain, bad mood and...

  • 9 months

    Hello, What kind of foods must be fed to a nine months baby please? Thanks in advance.

  • Teeth

    Hello, I thought that babies had their first tooth after six months but mine has not yet had any tooth. He is already seven months old, what's...

  • Red spots all over the face

    Hello, My 3 months old son is suffering from red spots on the chin and cheeks. I do not think its due to any allergy because he always had the...

  • Baby body all red

    Hello, My baby's body is all red, is this something normal or it could be a skin disorder condition please? Thanks.

  • What is the weight at birth

    Hello, What is the average weight of a baby at birth please? Thanks in advance.

  • Fever or not

    Hello, I have my baby who always has a high body temperature at night. I am wondering whether this is not fever. Can someone please help me....

  • Solid food

    Hello, I have my cousin who often leaves her baby at my place when she has to get out. She always tell me to give him milk. Can I know when he...

  • Main causes

    Hello, What are the main causes explaining the death of babies within one month of their birth please? Thank you.

  • Not eating too much

    Hello, My baby is only 7 months and he is not eating too much. Could he be having any kind of trouble please? Thanks in advance.

  • Twin babies

    Hello, I have great difficulty with my twin babies. They are identical and cannot tell who is who. I have my wife who makes them wear same kind...

  • Number of babies

    Hello, How many babies may someone have in her life? I mean, what is the maximum number of kids? Thank you.

  • Lack of iron in the body

    Hello, My baby is two months and a half and has a low rate of iron in his body. What's the solution to it please? Thanks in advance.

  • Finger prints

    Hello, Can someone please explain why finger prints are different from one person to another? Thanks.

  • Baby powder

    Hello, What is the real purpose of baby powder please? Thanks in advance.

  • Lost mum

    Hello, My son is 28 old and refuses to use a pot for urinating. He will always do it in his underwear or during the night. Can you please tell...

  • How many.

    Hello, How many babies take birth in a day please? I mean all around the world. Thanks in advance.

  • Insulin

    Hello, Is insulin available in pharmacies or it is only obtained via prescriptions from doctors? Thank you.

  • Babies diet

    Hello, Do babies need to get through a diet if ever they grow fat? Thanks.

  • How old?

    Hello, At what age do babies start having their teeth set growing please? Thanks in advance.

  • My baby daughter

    Hello, I need help for my daughter who is 3 months only. She was born with torticollis which was a twisted neck which caused her head to tilt to...

  • Forget about the baby

    Hello, I had been trying to have a baby since long and finally I visited a gynecologist. I hence found that I am infertile. But how do I forget...

  • Vaccines for children

    Hello, Does a Parent have the right to deny their child vaccines? Thanks.

  • Baby sick

    Hello, How do you know that your baby is sick and needs to be taken to the doctor please? Thank you.

  • Eating solid foods

    Hello, At what age can babies start eating solid foods please? Thanks in advance.

  • Baby crying all night long

    Hello, I have my baby who is crying all night long and I have been told that it may be that his teeth is growing. Does it hurt so much when...

  • Wetting the bed

    Hello, My son is 6 years old and he still wets the bed at the night when he sleeps, what do you believe is the trouble? Thanks in advance.

  • 2 year old baby

    Hello, My baby is 2 years old and she wakes up every night at around one o'clock in the morning. Is it possible to change her sleeping pattern...

  • Blood group

    Hello, My blood group is B+ and my son's is O+. I don't know my fathers, is it possible to know it? Can it be that my blood group is the same...

  • Age for vaccination

    Hello, What is the age for kids to get vaccinated please? Thanks in advance.

  • Loose front teeth

    Hello, My baby is suffering from a loose tooth, and it is irritating him. He keeps playing with it all day long. Please help.

  • Six months already

    Hello, My baby is more than six months old and he still does not have any growing teeth, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Waking up in the night

    Hello, My little 2 year daughter for the passed month has been waking up in the middle of the night. It will normallly be around two o'clock...

  • Small bump on the forehead

    Hello, My son fell down and now he has a bump on the forehead. It is very ugly and he keeps stratching it, how to get rid of this bump...

  • Biting his tongue

    Hello, I have a one year old baby who bites his tongue when he sleeps, I am so worried about it. Please tell me what I need to do to prevent...

  • Baby bowed legs

    Hello, I am the happy mummy of a little boy of a few months old. His father and I have noticed he's got bowed legs, the pediatrician says this...

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