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  • What are the complications in bladeless LASIK ?

    Hi, my eye prescription is -1.5 for my left eye and -1.25 for my right eye. My vision is 20/70 without glasses and 20/15 with it. I know that...

  • shining lights

    Hello, 4 year ago mine eyes front to flying & shining light drops come was, detected. recently this situation 14 june 2017 and 29 september 2017...

  • Chalazion:How to get rid of it?

    Hello, For 5 months, my14 year old daughter has a chalazion in the lower eyelid. The optician suggested that it should be removed. But my...

  • Why is my right eye fluttering (twitching)? [Solved]

    Hello, For1 Month ago, I right eyelid throbbing, tension in the eye, blurred vision, eye very tired. What does it come from ? what's the...

  • Disposable contact lenses

    Hello, How long can disposable lenses be used please? Thank you.

  • Contact lenses always moving

    Hello, It's been since a complete month that I am wearing contacts and each time I am wearing them, I have them moving. They get to the side....

  • Sunglasses

    Hello, i wish to know if it is possible to make sunglasses for people who have eye problems. I mean i can't see from a certain distance and...

  • eye problems

    Hello, what is pterigium, how can it b cured and its precautions thanks in advance

  • Wet eyes and burning

    Hello, For some months, my eyes keep watering and they burn. Tell me why is this happening? It's rather irritating in daily life. Any advice...

  • Bad eyesight at night

    Hello, I have a very bad eyesight at night. I have no problem during the day. It's only at night that I have this kind of trouble, what do you...

  • Dry eyes

    Hello, What is the solution for dry eyes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Eyes paining

    Hello, I have my eyes paining. I am feeling as if there's someone exerting pressure on it, what do I have please? Thank you.

  • Exercises for eyes

    Hello, Is there any exercise for the eyes please? Thank you.

  • Red eyes

    Hello, I often have my eyes all red during the day at work. What is the reason please? Thanks.

  • Material used for produce contact lenses

    Hello, What is the material used for producing contact lenses please? Thanks in advance

  • Crystal like on the side of my eyes

    Hello, There are like salty crystals on the side of my eyes when I wake up which means that I have tears which comes out of my eyes when I...

  • Remaining in front of the computer

    Hello, How much time can I stay in front of the computer without damaging my eyes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Soap in the eyes

    Hello, Do the eyes get damaged when having soap which enters in the eyes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Blurry vision but only at night

    Hello, I have a blurry vision but it is only at night that I have this. Do you believe that I need to get glasses because of this? Thanks.

  • Whistling sound at the left ear

    Hello, For two weeks now I'm having a high pitched noise in the left ear and it failed not stop! What can be done, please I need your help?

  • Watching lightbulbs

    Hello, Can watching lightbulbs for long time during the night cause damage to the eyes please? I have my son who keeps watching it for long time...

  • Nausea and pain in the eyes

    Hello, It has been a week now that I am having nausea each morning and I have pain in the eyes when exposing myself to the sun. To what does...

  • Wearing glasses

    Hello, I am wearing glasses now. I am not adapting myself with these spectacles and wish to have contact lenses instead. Do I need to get...

  • Eyes contacts

    Hello, Do contact lenses cause any damage to the eyes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Eyes having red lines

    Hello, I have red lines on my eyes like small veins. How can I make these dissapear please? Thanks in advance.

  • Solution for contact lenses

    Hello, The solution for my contact lenses has finished, can I use water instead please? Thank you.

  • Eyes

    Hello, Can someone donate his eye? Is this something possible? Thanks.

  • Headaches and tears coming from my eyes

    Hello, I am having a real bad headache and I have tears which is coming from my eyes endlessly. Is there anyone who ever experienced this...

  • Glass eye

    Hello, Isn't it irritating to wear a glass eye please? Thanks in advance.

  • Red eyes

    Hello, I always have my eyes all red when I wake up in the morning. What is the reason for this please? Thank you.

  • Sort of bump on the eye

    Hello, It seems that I have a bump on the eye. It is very irritating when I close my eyes. This has been like this since more than a week. Any...

  • Unable to wear my contacts

    Hello, I have great difficulty to wear my contacts. I cannot open my eyes completely when I am placing them. It is very annoying and I have...

  • Blurry vision

    Hello, I work in the sun on a construction site since more than a year and there's lots of dust too. I have started having a blurry vision...

  • Do I need glasses

    Hello, I have some trouble when I stay in front of my computer too long. I have a slightly blurry vision and start having migraines. Do you...

  • Itchy eyes

    Hello, I have my eyes which are very itchy when I stay out in the sun. It is more irritating after that I start scratching it, I have my eyes...

  • Big eyes

    Hello, I have ugly big eyes. They are like those of an owl, is there anything that can help me please? Thanks in advance.

  • Disposable eye lenses

    Hello, I have a pair of contact lenses. They are disposable ones and I have not used them for 4 months. Can I still wear them please? Thank you.

  • Wearing eye contacts

    Hello, I have a very big problem with my contacts. When I wear them, they move. It happens from time to time. Is there any solution for...

  • Blood shot eyes

    Hello, What is the reason that someone has blood shot eyes please? Thanks in advance.

  • Bad eye sight

    Hello, I stay in front of my monitor for at least 9 hours per day and I have noticed that my eyesight is getting worse and worse. What can...

  • Dry eyes

    Hello, I have my eyes which are always dry in the morning when I wake up and they burn. Is this any kind of disease please? Thanks.

  • Solution for eye contacts

    Hello, What is the best solution for eye contacts that I may have for my lenses please? Can someone please help me about it? Thanks in advance.

  • Contact lenses

    Hello, I have my contact lenses which makes my eyes all red, should I change them please? Thank you.

  • Short sighted

    Hello, What is the solution for short sightedness please? Thanks.

  • Dark eye

    Hello, I had a guy who punched me at college and now I have a blue eye, how to get rid of this faster than possible please? Thanks in advance.

  • Left eye

    Hello, I have the left eye which is hurting a little since yesterday. It's also itchy. Can someone please tell me what's causing it to...

  • Tears

    Hello, I have tears which come out from my eyes unvolutarily. It has been since a week that I am having this. What's causing this...

  • How to get rid of red eyes

    Hello, How is it possible to get rid of red eyes when I sleep too long please? Does anyone has an effective and rapid solution please? Thanks...

  • Opaque crystalline lenses

    Hello, Is there any solution against such lenses? Thanks.

  • Hyphema

    Hello, What is meant by hyphema please? Thanks in advance.

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