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  • Most fertile period

    Hello, Can you please tell me when a woman is most fertile please? Thanks in advance.

  • Tender breasts

    Hello, I have my breasts that have become tender. I am also experiencing vomiting and peeing excessively. Can it be that I am pregnant please?...

  • Ovulation

    Hello, How is it possible to know when a woman is ovulating?

  • Operation at 6 month pregnancy

    Hello, i am very much worried as my sister is going to have an operation due to a lung problem and she is 6 month pregnant. Will this be...

  • Something wrong with me ?

    Hello, I have not had my period for two months. I have in fact never had sex, I swear. I just can't understand what may be the problem with...

  • Freaking out

    Hello, I have not yet had my period this month. It is 3 days late. Can it be that I am pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Fat belly

    Hello, I don't really know what's up with me. I have noticed that my belly is growing fat but I am having a doubt on being pregnant. Yet, I am...

  • Period for only three days

    Hello, I have had my period for only three days this month and I am wondering what may be causing this, can someone please help me about...

  • When to do the pregnancy test

    Hello My periods are usually regular but this month I am 5 days late. When can I carry out a pregnancy test please? I felt tired, dizzy and...

  • What is molar pregnancy?

    Hello can you here help me understanding what is it all about molar pregnancy please? My cousin is pregnant and she only said that she had a...

  • Pregnant or not

    Hello, How is it possble to know whether someone is pregnant or not? Thanks in advance.

  • He wants a baby after the abortion

    Hi everyone I've done something wrong and I feel very guilty. With my fiancé we decided to have recourse to abortion 3 months ago as both of us...

  • Sex while pregnant?

    Hello, my wife is pregnant and it is going to be our first baby, I am worried for her and I dont want to hurt her, can we still have sex?

  • Never been pregnant.

    Hello, I have often had unprotected sex but I have never been pregnant. I'm finding a bit weird. Can it be that I am infertile? Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnancy test

    Hi, can I do a pregnancy test 4 days after stopping my menstruation?

  • 2 months pregnant

    Hello, I am 2 months pregnant, I have not had any pregnancy symptom like nausea or tiredness, is this normal please? Thank you.

  • Cramps

    Hello, What's the solution to cramps while having your menstrual period please? Thank you.

  • Trying for a baby

    Hello, We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I just can't understand why I can't fall pregnant when everyone around me is...

  • My sister is pregnant

    Hello, My sister is still young but she got pregnant from her boyfriend. My parents don't know about this and she told me not to tell anyone....

  • 2 week pregnant?

    Hello, I am 2 weeks pregnant, I don't want to keep the baby. I have already talked with my husband and he understands why I have done this...

  • Dilated cervix at 31 weeks

    Hello I went to the gynecologist last week who found out that my cervix is open, I am at 31 weeks. I am worried and wanted to know if...

  • Pregnant or not?

    Hello, I have my menstruation cycle on a 26 day basis and I had my previous period on 8 March 2012. I had unprotected sexual intercourses on...

  • About how long I am pregnant

    Hello, I want to know if I'm pregnant. I've been vomiting continuously for a couple of day when I was ovulating. Please help me about it. Thanks...

  • Am I pregnant?

    Hello, I am feeling tired during all the day and also experiencing nausea, can it be that I am pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Want to have a baby

    Hello, I've decided to stop the contraceptive pill and in fact I suffer from endometriosis and have had treatment to reduce the pain, but...

  • Not on pill now!

    Hello, I was taking the contraceptive pill for some time. I have now stopped because I want a baby. The problem is that I have not yet...

  • Need an answer

    Hello, I want to know how soon is it possible to do a pregnancy test. Thanks.

  • I can't understand it

    Hello, I have not had my period for 4 months. I'm only 35 years old and I want to have another baby, can you help me about it? Thanks in advance.

  • Mood swings in pregnancy

    Hello, Do women have any change in moods because of being pregnant during these nine months? Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnant or not?

    Hi I am having recourse to artificial insemination after several attempts to have a baby. The transfer was made 10 days ago and I am anxious. I...

  • Hard nipples

    Hello, What may having hard nipples may be indicating please? Thanks in advance.

  • Yeast infection during pregnancy

    Hello, Can someone have yeast infection during pregnancy please? Thanks.

  • Not having my period anymore

    Hello, At first I thought that I was having my period late but it is not coming at all, it's been over a week now. Please, help me, can I be...

  • My wife is pregnant

    Hello, My wife is pregnant for one month and I would like to know if we can have sexual intercourse?

  • My first IVF

    Hello, I did my first IVF on the 13th of March 2012; my blood test is scheduled for the 28th of March 2012. I am a bit depressed and I am...

  • Periods post baby?

    Hello, I gave birth in August and I haven't got my menstruation since that date. I would like to know if it is normal. What must I do?

  • Hair loss?

    Hello, I am 26 years old woman, and my hair is falling out? I hate this hair loss. Each time I comb my hair that's a terrible shock! I...

  • Am I pregnant?

    Hello, My period is 2 weeks late, do you believe that I may be pregnant? Thanks for your answers.

  • Urine test or blood test

    Hello, What gives a more reliable pregnacy result please? Thank you.

  • No period but not pregnant

    Hello, I have not had my period but when I carried out a pregnancy test, it showed a negative result. Can it yet be possible that I am...

  • Pregnancy test

    Hello, When do I need to have a pregnancy test please? Thanks in advance.

  • Infection via an intercourse

    Hello, I wish to know whether urine getting in the vagina during an intercourse may cause an infection. Thanks in advance.

  • Pregnant at 46 yrs old

    Hello, I'll be 46 years by the month of April, I have done several abortions during my studies and never had kids up to now. I am married for...

  • ? Pregnant

    Hello, I had sex three times last month, everytime my boyfriend used a condom. I have not yet had my menstrual period. It's already been three...

  • Sex when pregnant

    Hello, Can someone have sex when being pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Period late.

    Hello, I am 3 days late for my period. I did have unprotected sex lastly but my boyfriend did not ejaculate inside, can it be that I am...

  • Teenage pregnancy

    Hello, What is the reason for having so much teen pregnancy nowadays? Thanks in advance.

  • Outside the vagina

    Hello, My boyfriend ejaculated outside my vagina, is there any possibilty that I get pregnant? Thanks in advance.

  • Having my period

    Hello, I am having my period but I was wondering whether someone may have her period and still be pregnant, is it possible. Thank you.

  • No symptoms

    Hello, Can someone be pregnant but her body doesn't show any symptoms of pregnancy please? Thanks in advance.

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