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  • Five days late

    Hello, My period is 5 days late. I did have unprotected sexual intercourse with my partner and I'm worried about being pregnant. Can it be...

  • Preventing a pregnancy

    Hello, I have had sexual intercourse with my partner and he ejaculated mistakenly in my vagina. It's was this morning. What is the most...

  • Late period

    Hello, I'm experiencing a delay in my menstrual period of three days and I worried about being pregnant. I rarely have irregular period but it...

  • Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

    Hello, Can anyone help in dealing with hemorrhoids during pregnancy please? I am very much afraid I am at 4 months of pregnancy and my hemorrhoids...

  • Thick discharge from my vagina

    Hi may I know if it is normal to have strange sticking and thick discharge from my vagina I'm two weeks from having my baby. Thanks a lot.

  • Pregnancy after implanon

    After having the implanon for almost three years my husband and I are trying to have a baby. Well I got the stuff removed but I don't know how...

  • When and how to do the pregnancy test

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to do the pregnancy test early in the morning before the first food just as the blood test please?...

  • Hiatus hernia and pregnancy?

    Hello I wanted to know if it is possible for a woman to be pregnant even if she is suffering from a hiatus hernia and is under treatment.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

    Hello, I'm having some pregnancy symptoms. My nipples have become all hard and also frequent nausea in the morning. I wish to know whether I...

  • No menstrual period

    Hello, I have some doubts on whether I'm pregnant or not. It's already been three months that I'm on birth control pills but I have not had my...

  • Body in pain

    Hello, I'm 20 years old mother and suffer from muscle and joint pain. I am so tired that I don t even have the motivation to go to my doctor...

  • Nausea and lost of weight

    Hello, i'm two months pregnant and i'm having bad times, nausea all the day and also loosing weight since then. Is this normal? Anyone in...

  • Bleeding at 34 weeks

    Hello i am 8months and 2 weeks pregnant and I've got some slight traces of blood in my underwear what is this, what should i do?

  • Prevent pregnancy

    Hello, What is the best way to prevent pregnancy after having sex please? Thanks in advance.

  • Sex yesterday

    Hello, I have had my boyfriend who ejaculated in me and I'm really scared about pregnancy. How soon do I need to have the morning after pill...

  • Early symptoms of pregnancy

    Hello, After how much time that you had unprotected sex can you start having pregnancy symptoms please? Thank you.

  • Hard nipples

    Hello, My nipples are hard and want to know whether this is a symptom of pregnancy please, is there anyone who can help me? Thanks in advance.

  • Not having my period

    Hello, It's already been three days that my period is late and I'm very stressed about it. Can someone please tell me, I need to know if I'm...

  • Pregnant

    Hello, I'm pregnant of my boyfriend and I'm afraid of telling it to my boyfriend. I just don't understand what I need to do, someone please help me.

  • I have not got my period

    Hello, I have not had my period today. Can it be that I'm pregnant please? Thanks in advance.

  • Gaining weight after pregnancy

    Hello, Is it normal for someone to gain weight after pregnancy please? Thank you.

  • Six days delay

    Hello, I'm experiencing a six day delay on my period. I fear that I'm pregnant. What do you think please? Thanks.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

    Hello, What is meant by ectopic pregnancy please? Thanks in advance.

  • Different symptoms

    Hello, I'm experiencing odd symptoms for the past few days. My breast have swollen, feeling tired all the time and having the urge to get to...

  • Missed period

    Hello, It is the first time that I have missed my period. I have never experienced this before and I'm actually trying to have a baby. Can I...

  • Cramps and abdominal pain

    Hello, I'm suffering from cramps and pain at the abdomen, are these symptoms of pregnancy please? Thank you.

  • Slight pain in the breast

    Hello, I'm experiencing slight breast pain and and also I'm having frequent headaches. Can it be that I'm pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Five days delay

    Hello, I have a five day delay on my period. Can there be a possibility that I'm pregnant please? Thank you.

  • Pregnant at 37 years old

    Hello, Is it possible ofr a 37 years old woman to get pregant? Thanks in advance.

  • complicated pregnancy

    Hello I am pregnant - already 5 months but I am having a complicated pregnancy. At 5 months my cervix is at 2.5 cm, after one whole week at...

  • My body is changing

    Hi I am upset. Well with my man we are trying to conceive a baby and for 3 months my body has changed a lot but still I am having my periods what...

  • Pregnant at 17

    Hi everyone I am 17 years old and I am pregnant, I really want to keep the baby but the father my boyfriend is against the idea he says he won't...

  • Pregnant or not

    Hello, I had sex one week ago, and the condom broke. It was just an unpredictable mistake and we couldn't do anything about it. How do I...

  • Period twice this month

    Hello, Is it normal to have your period twice during a month? There has been an interval of seven days in between. Can someone please explain me...

  • How do I manage my allergy now I am pregnant?

    Hi everyone I am 28 and having my first pregnancy already at the 5th month. No more corticosteroids for me as I am having several allergies and...

  • Can i be pregnant again?

    Hi is it possible that you can fall pregnant again after childbirth? Since I got home I still have not had my period but I have had...

  • Pregnant but having my period

    Hello, Is it normal to have your period even if you are pregnant. I had done a pregnancy test it the result has been positive. Still, I'm having...

  • Raspberry leaves

    Hello I am 5 month pregnant and I wanted to know a bit more about the virtues of herbal tea with raspberry leaves. I've heard that this...

  • Pregnancy risks

    Hello, Is there any pregnancy risk when ejaculating in the vagina while having your period please? Thank you.

  • No pregnancy symptoms

    Hello, I had last had sex two weeks ago, and I have done a pregnancy test which is positive. Is it normal that I haven't had any pregnancy...

  • No period

    Hello, I have not had my period yet and I am already 5 days late. Is there any risk that I'm pregnant? Thank you.

  • Being pregnant and having sex

    Hello, I know that it is possible to have anal sex but is it possible when you are pregnant. Thanks for your answers.

  • Small baby

    Hi I'm back from the hospital and the doctor told me that I will be having a small baby. I am at 33 weeks and they say that I will have to...

  • No period, not pregnant?

    Hi I am 15 days late, but the pregnancy test is negative. How is it that I'm not having my menstruation for all these days still not being...

  • Aborting a baby at three months

    Hello, I'm pregnant and want to have the baby aborted. The trouble is that I'm already three months pregnant, will it be painful to have it...

  • I have a delay on my period

    Hello, I'm quite worried about it. I have not had my period this month. It has already been three days now. Can I be pregnant please? Thanks in...

  • Bubbles in my belly

    Hi urgent please I need people to reassure me here. Is this true that the sensation of bubbles in the belly means that a woman is pregnant? I...

  • Pre-sperm and masturbation

    Hello while having sex with my boyfriend he used a condoms and kept on masturbating me with his fingers. I am worried as it is possible that...

  • Birth control pills

    Hello, I have forgotten to take my pill yesterday and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I'm quite worried about it and I fear of getting...

  • Conceiving a baby

    Hello, I had been on control pills and have stopped it for conceiving a baby since I have been married. Can I know after how much time I will...

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