Looking beautiful with cancer

Living with cancer does not mean that you should forget that life must go on with friends, family and children.

Do not become isolated. Go out, meet friends and relatives, communicate, and participate in physical activity or travel, as these can all contribute to help you to fight your cancer more effectively.

If you can balance your physical and mental health, you can contribute actively to your recovery, as your psychological state plays a fundamental role in your healing process.


Dealing with patients suffering from breast cancer has changed considerably in the last years.

Emerging from the beauty industry, onco-aesthetics is a new specialty offering a return in self-confidence to women suffering from cancer and ensuring that they can remain attractive and feminine even with the disease.

In addition, aesthetics for the face and body, relaxation, aromatherapy, reflexology (foot massage), sophrology (physical and mental exercises) , all aid the wellbeing of patients and most probably help them have in a better recovery.

Physical activity

  • Regular physical activity helps to prevent cancer, and most probably avoids recurrences or relapses .
  • Your specialist will recommend the amount of physical activity if is safe for you to undertake, and this may need to be adapted according to your stage in the disease.
  • Following advice, all non-contact sports are possible such as walking, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, as they all contribute to your physical improvement and play a part in your psychological wellbeing.
  • Swimming is possible even after a mastectomy - there are adapted swimsuits with prostheses available.
  • High level athletes have been affected with cancer have succeeded in their sports. For example, the American cyclist Lance Armstrong recovered from testicular cancer and won the Tour de France multiple times.
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