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CCM Health is part of the CCM network and is the first help and advice community website to achieve more than 1,300,000 members.

What Is CCM Health?

CCM Health is a website with articles, forums, and news about health-related subjects. These topics include, but are not limited to: allergies; asthma; babies; beauty; cancer; cardiology; childbirth; contraception; dental; diabetes; ENT; health; infertility; weight loss; ophthalmology; pregnancy; psychology; rheumatology; sexuality; adolescence; and tobacco.

CCM Health gives you free access to numerous practical pages on all aspects of health in everyday life. These pages were written in a clear and accessible style, in collaboration with health professionals. This is an online community site for troubleshooting, getting help, and getting informed on all issues related to health.

All of the treatments discussed in the various articles are based on the results of scientific studies. Professional users who contribute to forums do so by choice, do not represent the site, and are fully and entirely responsible for doing so. Their contribution is free of charge and voluntary and is not based on any commercial agreement of any kind with CCM Health.

The information on this website is there for informative purposes and should never replace a medical consultation. Before following any advice found on CCM Health, you should always consult with your personal physician.

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