Exercise and cholesterol

Many studies have proved that exercise plays a fundamental role in treating cardiovascular disease and controlling cholesterol.

Daily exercise is very beneficial to your health. As well as controlling your weight it keeps you heart working as an effective pump and it increases your HDL (good) cholesterol levels which, helps to eliminate the LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Start carefully

  • If you haven't exercised for some time then seek the advice of your GP before starting.
  • Start carefully, stretch your muscles warming them up before starting any physical activity

30 minutes walk every day

A brisk 30 minute walk daily is enough to help maintain your health: it is important to walk briskly so as to increase your heart rate causing you to be slightly breathlessness.

Ask for medical advice

Consulting your doctor is essential in order to check for any contraindications and to monitor your cholesterol levels.

Use a pedometer

According to a study published in JAMA in 2007, the use of a pedometer encourages an increase in activity which as a result helps control cholesterol levels and decreases BMI - Body Mass Index.

Do not forget to eat a healthy diet

Faced with raised cholesterol levels a low fat, low cholesterol diet is essential to reduce cholesterol levels and thus decrease your cardiovascular risks.